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Code of Conduct

Professionalism includes a variety of personal qualities and behaviors that demonstrate commitment to effective performance as a Commercial Driver. Commitment and confidence, responsibility and dependability, honesty and ethics, and professional appearance are central professional characteristics.

Commitment and Confidence

Acting professionally in all dealings with supervisors and co-workers starts with commitment to yourself, the company and job. This commitment comes from of a desire to build and maintain a reputation as a professional -- to learn the ropes, to follow advice of a trusted mentor and to seek training and development for personal growth. Professional Commercial Drivers convey confidence in their organization, role and self. Your confidence instills trust and credibility in your contacts with everyone.

Responsibility and Dependability

Acting responsibly and fair in all work activities is critical to professionalism. Responsible behavior has an impact across all career fields. Professional Commercial Drivers, as responsible professionals, listen to dispatchers’ concerns, are well-organized, keep an accurate schedule, communicates important dates and times to managers and co-workers, treats customers as valued individuals and enact measures to resolve problems ensuring that no steps are skipped.

Ethics and Honesty

Ethics and professionalism go hand-in-hand.  Professional Commercial Drivers not only look and act the part; they do so with legal, ethical and honest intent. Truth, open disclosure and sincerity are essential to ethical Professional Commercial Drivers. Professional Commercial Drivers communicate in all situation with everyone’s best interest in mind. In contrast, a less honest, unprofessional driver will convey facts that only benefit themselves. Many companies demonstrate a commitment to honesty with ethical codes of conduct. Professional Commercial Drivers can make the same commitment by developing a personal code of conduct.

Appearance and Professional Presence

Several outward characteristics communicate professionalism to people with whom you interact in your job.  Proper dress, hygiene and grooming are among basic qualities of professional appearance.  Poise, straight posture and a friendly smile help establish professional presence, as do a number of nonverbal gestures and mannerisms. Professional Commercial Drivers make eye contact when communicating, maintain a relaxed and approachable stance, listen actively and stay calm under pressure.  Professional Commercial Drivers especially need and are expected to show poise and calm to everyone during tough situations or when making high-pressure decisions. Professionalism is a choice by the Driver not an edict by a company.

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