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Driver's Council in Action


An active Driver’s Council will elect their leaders and set the agenda and rules of operation to realizes the common goals of the entire membership. They will be actively engaged in addressing all issues and conditions of employment while promoting safety and prosperity for all members.

The standing workgroups are:

  • Professionalism

  • Legislative

  • Regulation

  • Technology


These governance groups will represent the professional driver best because they are actively involved in this profession.  A voice backed by research, experience and commitment to safety and career prosperity.

These initial forty-eight Drivers will start the governance groups.  We need the most diverse, independent thinking individuals, working on the solutions for now and the future.  The more Professional Drivers we have involved, the better outcomes will result.  No one knows the job better than another diver.

Join the alliance now! As a member, you can apply to be on the council, participate in workgroups or express yourself in Community Groups. After you have joined, you can indicate your interest in your account profile.

Join the Alliance
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