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Community Groups


Community groups are the life blood of the alliance.  Every member has a voice. Use your voice. All topics regarding issues and concerns will be organized into distinct headings. This keeps the conversations and posts focused on the topic. Promoting individual participation improves the forming of consensus for a solution.  Your participation is essential to invite exceptional new ideas.   They can be researched and presented as knowledge and solutions to the entire membership.

These monitored and reviewed, community groups can be your touchstone to the industry and all things that concern you, your career, your family, and the industry in total.  
Nothing said, is implied acceptance. 
These groups are a safe haven for your thoughts and ideas.  We have taken exceptional effort to keep an “air gap” between your thoughts and the world wide web in general.  No statement, text, audio recording or video can be edited, copied, or posted elsewhere than by you, the originator.  Nothing is being captured and indexed by Google or any other data capturing and monetizing service. The only thing we cannot stop is screen photographs, but we are working on that as well.  
There are just four rules governing these community groups:
⦁    Foul language and unprofessional conduct will be monitored and deleted when detected.  If frequently repeated, individuals can lose this privilege to participate. 
⦁    Individual origination of a topic is done by request and will be granted and created after review.  If it is not granted, a reason will be provided to you.
⦁    Closed groups can be created, as invite only, but again this is done with the moderator providing oversight.
⦁    Common sense and respect for one another are the hallmarks of Professional CDL Drivers.
You can choose to setup personal tracking and managing your posts within your member account profile.  
If this sounds like a place you would want to be, just join the alliance by clicking the button below.  You will be on your way to sharing with other drivers.

Join the Alliance
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