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Have More Money

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CDL Drivers Unlimited

assists all members to:

  • Be Happier

  • Be Healthier

  • Have More Money

Is a CDL Drivers Unlimited  membership a good Investment? YES!!
CDLDU should be a Long-Term Investment: $150/yr. x 10 years = $1500
Company Driver
10-Year Benefits
Driver's Rights
Organized "Voice"
Less Stress, More Happiness
Community Groups
Private Industry Networking
Career Management
Coaching, Mentoring
Lifestyle Improvements
Health and Satisfaction
Happiness - Better Life
Best Products & Services
Savings, Increased Profit
Daily Expenses and Fun
Minimum Savings 
For the small price of $150/year you can save:
Total Savings (Company Driver) = $45,000 or $4,500/year!
Owner-Operators will save an additional $9,600/year!
Total Savings (Owner-Operator) = $131,000 or $13,100/year!
*  A onetime Job Change in 10 years can net you a 7% salary increase on average. 
   Salary: $50,000 income * 7% = $3,500 * 10 years = $35,000 extra income
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