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CDL Drivers Unlimited

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have more money.

Built With Drivers For Drivers

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As a membership alliance for the estimated 4.7 million USA CDL Drivers, our online platform offers self-help, support, and guidance in achieving successful careers in and out of the vehicle. We provide career management, positive lifestyle coaching and protecting drivers’ rights through active organized governance.
Lee & Lisa Schmitt, WI., 30+ Yrs.
Radio Show Hosts


  • OTR

  • Regional

  • Local

  • All Equipment Types

All CDL Drivers Welcome

Who We Serve

Services and Materials
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Dauminique Fisher, WA., 15+ Yrs.
YouTube Trucking Advocate


  • Dump Truck

  • Tow Truck

  • Garbage Truck

  • Boom Truck

  • Cement Truck

  • Tanker Truck

  • Box Truck

  • Stake Truck

  • Beverage Truck

  • Bucket Truck

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Zina Ronca, PA., 35+ Yrs.
Author, Past Dump and Tractor Exp.


  • Motor Coaches

  • Metro Buses

  • School Buses

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Essential Elements

Career & Business Management
Positive Lifestyles

Highlighted Features

Career Move
Driver Declaration
Travel and Savings
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